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Eating Locally is GOOD!
  • Divided Sky: a great neighborhood bar with excellent beer, nice food, and live music.
  • Artemis: great mediterranean cuisine whether you are a meat lover or a vegiterian.
  • Scusa: it is a very good Italian Ristorante: excellent dishes and a great list of wines.
  • Edgewood: is a bit futher north but it is worth the drive (reservations are a good idea).
  • Frescana Mexican Bistro : Local, right in Meyers, very good food, sometimes the service is slow because its popularity.
  • Holiday Market: it is good and just 3.5 miles away. While there, pick up the local almanac printed weekly for information of what goes on in town.
Local Flora

We love hiking local trails. And they are the best around here. The first thing that grabs your attention is the beauty of the flora. The colors are always vibrant and the shapes are mysterious. I usually carry a camera with me on trails. The pictures that you can see by clicking on the plant image above were taken on local hikes at Hawley Grade, Big Meadow, Echo Lake, and Carson Pass.

Rent equipment in South Tahoe: